Where can I find a Weatherby Authorized Service Center?

The following list is every Weatherby Authorized Service Center, as well as their contact information. Prior to sending any rifle or shotgun for work, please contact them to inquire about their services as well as current lead times for any particular work you are looking to have done. Weatherby Authorized Service Centers operate independently of Weatherby, and have different procedures for firearms sent in for service.  If you are sending a rifle or shotgun to a service center, please include a letter with your contact information and a brief description of the issues you are experiencing, with the shipment. If you opt to return a firearm to Weatherby directly, you must contact us for an RMA prior to the return. 


United States Service Centers

Valley Gun Service

1419 East Hwy 160

Monte Vista, CO 81144



Williams Gunsight Company. Inc.

7389 Lapeer Rd , Box #329

Davison, MI 48423

(810)-653-2131 Ext. 239


Ahlmans Inc.

9525 W 230th St

Morristown, MN 55052



Sports World Inc.

6841 E 41st St

Tulsa, OK 74145



W.H. McGuns 

124 N 22nd Ave

Humboldt, TN 38343



Non-United States Service Centers



Calgary Shooting Centre
7130 Fisher Rd SE Bay 4

Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2H 0W3


Ellwood Epps

9431 Hwy 11 North

Severn, Ontario

Canada L3V 0Y8




Helmut Hofmann GMBH

Scheinbergweg 6-8 

97638 Mellrichstadt



PH# 49 97 76 606-30



XXL Sport & Villamark AS

Sandviksveien 184

1337 Sandvika

PH# 47 24 08 40 00



Tasco Sales Australia

Unit 6, 9-13 Winbourne Rd

Brookvale, NSW 2100


PH# (02) 9938-3244