Does my stock require special torque procedures when tightening the screws attaching the stock to the action on my Weatherby rifle?

WOOD & SYNTHETIC stocks without an aluminum bedding block have a torque specification of 35-inch pounds. 

HAND-LAID FIBERGLASS (composite) stock with aluminum bedding block, the torque specification is 55-inch pounds.

CARBON FIBER and SYNTHETIC stocks with aluminum pillars, the torque specification is 55-inch pounds.

The correct assembly procedure is:

  1. Apply a small amount of blue (non-permanent) thread locking compound to the threads of both trigger guard screws.
  2. With a screwdriver of the proper size, lightly tighten both trigger guard screws.
  3. Grasp the barrel and pull it to the rear to seat the barrel and receiver properly in the stock, with the barrel centered in the channel of the stock's forend.
  4. Tighten the front trigger guard screw first to 35-inch pounds, followed by the rear screw, also to 35 inch pounds. (This is the final torque value for wood and synthetic stocks, as over-torquing can damage the stock itself.)
  5. For composite stocks with aluminum bedding blocks and carbon fiber or synthetic stocks with aluminum pillars, apply additional torque of 55 inch pounds to the front screw followed by 55 inch pounds to the rear screw.

Assembling your Weatherby rifle following this method will ensure a proper fit between the receiver and its bedding within the stock as well as create proper positioning of the barrel within the barrel channel.