My 3DHEX Recoil Pad is Compressed. Is this normal?

3DHEX Recoil Pad Compressing?

The first of its kind, 3D Hex recoil pads have been specifically designed for lightweight magnum recoil absorbing performance. The pad is intended to compress and dampen recoil instead of immediately springing back against the user like a traditional rubber recoil pad. By design, the 3DHex Recoil reducing pad is stiffer on the top and bottom and is softest in the middle of the pad where there is maximum shoulder contact. The result is reduced muzzle lift and more comfortable shooting experience. If a rifle with the 3D Hex Recoil Pad is left resting in the vertical position (in a gun safe or in a retail display) with the recoil pad resting on a hard surface the pad can begin to compress. Do not be alarmed, the pad will return to its original shape with some time. Weatherby recommends displaying rifles with the 3D Hex recoil pad in a horizontal position and muzzle down in a gun safe.