Do the magazines for the bolt action Mark XXII fit earlier models, and where can I buy them?

The magazines for the bolt action Mark XXII and the semi-auto Mark XXII are not interchangeable.

Semi-auto Mark XXIIs with either a 5 digit serial number, or a serial number with a J prefix will use the semi auto magazine, part number 4751, with the round-nose front. Serial numbers with prefixes of N, AC, or JC use a different magazine, still part number 4751, but the magazine front was squared. An example of the rounded front can be seen below. These semi-auto magazines of both styles can be best located with either Numrich, Brownells, or

Mark XXII Magazine

Bolt Action style Mark XXII magazines can be purchased from Anschutz. The part numbers for the magazines are:

  • #012961 1517-U4 Magazine 4-shot, cal. .17 HMR
  • #001153 1420-U5 Magazine 5-shot, cal. .22 LR
  • #001154 1420-U13 Magazine 10-shot, cal. .22 LR

Visit ANSCHUTZ North America or ANSCHUTZ Germany for more information.