Which choke tubes work in my shotgun?

Weatherby produces or has produced shotguns with the IMC, Mobil, Crio Plus, and Yildiz choke thread patterns, and the models that use each pattern are listed below.

IMC (Integral Multi Choke)

  • SA-08 (12 & 20 gauges only)
  • PA-08 (all)
  • SA-459 Turkey Xtra Green & SA-459 Turkey Black (Current Production Models)
  • Orion O/U & Athena O/U (Factory Threaded) 
  • Orion SxS (Italy)
  • Element (12 & 20 gauges only)

The IMC choke tube thread pattern is compatible with the following choke tube patterns: Browning Invector (not Plus), Mossberg Accu-Choke and Win-Choke.

Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke

  • PA-459 (all)
  • SA-459 (Discontinued Model with Raised Sights)
  • SA-459 Turkey Mothwing Spring Mimicry (Discontinued Model)
  • SA-08 (28 Gauge only)

Crio Plus

  • 18i (all)


  • Orion SxS (Turkey)


Suggested aftermarket choke tube manufacturers:

Briley Manufacturing

Carlson’s Choke Tubes

Kick's Industries

Trulock Choke Tubes


Weatherby recommends slugs only be fired using a non-ported cylinder choke. Refer to our FAQ on the use of slugs in your Weatherby shotgun.