What does Weatherby recommend as a break in procedure?

On Our Mark: Episode 11 - Barrel Break-In

Barrel break-in can be performed through a number of different procedures. It is important to note that our testing shows that not all barrels require the same amount of break-in. Many of our Weatherby rifles get close to their accuracy potential during break-in but accuracy continues to improve with more shooting.

We suggest a 20 shot break-in, utilizing two different factory loads (load 1 and load 2) to begin understanding desired barrel accuracy. If desired, after the break-in, begin experimental shooting with different factory loads as each barrel's accuracy is dependent on load and bullet combinations.

Our procedure is as follows:

  1. Clean the barrel*
  2. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  3. Clean the barrel*
  4. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
  5. Clean the barrel*
  6. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  7. Clean the barrel*
  8. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
  9. Clean the barrel*
  10. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  11. Let Barrel Cool
  12. Fire 5 shots (Load 2)  
  13. Clean the Barrel*


*Recommended Bore Cleaning Procedure:

  1. Run several patches with bore cleaner/copper solvent down the barrel
  2. Brush the barrel with at least 10 strokes
  3. Run 2 patches soaked in bore cleaner/copper solvent
  4. Brush the barrel with at least 5 strokes
  5. Run patches soaked in bore cleaner/copper solvent through until patches come out clean
  6. Run 2 dry patches through the barrel
  7. Run a small amount of lubricant through the barrel before storage