How do I adjust the TriggerTech pull on my Mark V rifle?

The MARK V® Triggertech trigger assembly has a pull weight adjustment screw. The adjusting screw is located on the bottom of the trigger assembly and adjusts the weight of the trigger pull. The trigger is adjustable down to a weight of 2.5 lbs. If the screw is removed completely, the trigger will maintain a minimum pull weight of 2.5 lbs.

WARNING: For safety reasons, it is recommended to operate your trigger at, or above, factory setting. Exercise caution when adjusting your pull weight and perform safety steps 1-7. For safety reasons, weight of trigger pull should not be adjusted below 2-1/2 pounds.

The trigger assembly has been set at the factory for weight of trigger pull appropriate for most
shooters. If you require a heavier or lighter weight of trigger pull, adjust as follows:

1. Unload the rifle (refer to Unloading the Rifle, page 10), remembering to VISUALLY CHECK THE CHAMBER AND THE MAGAZINE TO BE CERTAIN THERE ARE NO CARTRIDGES IN THE RIFLE.

2. To increase weight of the trigger pull, with a 5/64 Allen wrench turn the weight adjustment
screw clockwise until desired weight of trigger pull is established. To decrease weight of trigger
pull turn the weight adjustment screw counter-clockwise until desired weight of trigger pull is
established (refer to Fig.10).

3. Before firing live ammunition after adjustment, perform the following tests:

3A) Safety off: cycle action – firing pin should NOT move

3B) Safety off: cycle action and pull trigger lever – firing pin should move

3C) Safety off: cycle action and tap the butt-stock – firing pin should NOT move (NEVER PERFORM THIS STEP WITH LIVE AMMUNITION)

3D) Safely repeat Steps 3A and 3B (NOT 3C) at a rifle range with live ammunition when sighting in or verifying zero to ensure trigger adjustment was done correctly.