Can I send my rifle back to Weatherby to have an Accubrake installed?

There are Weatherby-authorized Accubrake® and Accubrake® ST installation centers located across the United States. You can have an Accubrake® installed on your rifle at any one of these centers or in the Weatherby Custom Shop in Sheridan, WY. The work done by these centers is the same as would be done by the factory and the warranty of the rifle would still be in place. A list of these authorized installation centers can be found on this website. You can also call Weatherby for a list, at (307)-675-7840.

We will not facilitate the sale of a brake directly to a consumer to be installed by a Non-Weatherby gunsmith. Any brake installed outside of the Weatherby Custom Shop or an Authorized Service Center will void the warranty and accuracy guarantee of the rifle.